Give the gift of coaching to your friends and loved ones!
Give the gift of coaching.

our mission

Empowering your next life step

Our holistic approach means your career plan is focused and realistic. It’s one you can trust, designed only by the best, and only for you. Most of all, it’s tangible, ready to be put to immediate use.

Forget taking that scary first step into the unknown, and instead, take on your future with NextStep.

Guidance For All

Our hustle motto

We exist to provide you with custom-made, 360-degree career plans created by tailored teams of specialists and resources. We bring together the most qualified experts — degree-holding, certification-wielding career consultants, financial planners, and practicing industry professionals — who work with you to develop an actionable game plan for what’s next.

building our path

NextStep's roadtrip

It’s 2015, Erin (our future founder) has her dream job in management consulting. But she hates it, and she wants out. With a business degree, an extensive support system, and a knack for networking, it would be easy to find and land the next role, right? Wrong. Despite being qualified, experienced, and equipped with fundamental resources — time, access to the right people, focus — she was hitting dead-ends. She felt stuck. Because the system sucked.

It took Erin 5 years to perfect the process in order to build a solution that felt like having a trusted older sibling.

Americans who get a sense of identity from their careers
< 20%
Women apply to 20% fewer jobs than men
Wokers who accepted a job and later realized it was a bad fit
White applicants receive 36% more callbacks than black applicants

motivated by the numbers

Why us and why now?

Why does this matter? Over the last few years, we've been speakng with people about the frustrations of career and job transitions, and those moved us. We could sense that there were still major gaps in the career transition space. And then, we looked at the numbers. (see right)

Meet the Team

A group motivated by NextStep's vision and impact
Erin Rowe
Erin Rowe
I’m Erin, eternal optimist, sweet potato lover, and founder of NextStep. Since college I geek out on self-help content (current favorite: The happiness Podcast) and have been coined 'the ultimate hype (wo)man'
Blaire Rowe
Hi there! I’m Blaire, a pun loving and laugh seeker. In my free time, I crush content on Netflix and Hulu.
Jessica Huynh
I'm Jessica, currently my interests include working on my food related embroidery project, over-caring for my plants as a new plant mom, and hiking with my dog
Product Designer
Alen Huang
Hey I'm Alen! Currently I have been spending my days in quarantine learning the intricacy of what it takes to brew a perfect cup of light roast coffee with my cat Calvin.”
Marketing Intern
Howdy! I'm Lauren. In my free-time I scroll aimlessly on TikTok, drink as much coffee as I can, online shop with my college-student budget, and contemplate all of my life decisions.
Blaire Rowe
Alen Huang
Product Designer
Jessica Huynh